• IT outsourcing service connecting the world.

    Our service is bilingual and promise smooth communication.

  • IT outsourcing service connecting the world.

    We handle support of foreign companies, from diversifying IT needs planning, to implementation and support.

  • IT outsourcing service connecting the world.

    Agents, which have achievements and experienced, support your company.


About us

We realize the ideal environment and solve the concerns of our clients regarding IT, from internal PC trouble, to IT equipment installation support, network and server management, project management, etc.


Service Desk/Field support

Service Desk/Field support

We provide PC related trouble support, from troubleshooting, to IT equipment, internal PC installation support.

Server/ Network support

Server/ Network support

We handle requests from server, storage, network installation to trouble support, security related issues.

Service Delivery/ Project Management

Service Delivery/ Project Management

Dispatch the competent bilingual staff. We provide consistent management from short-term to long-term project management.

Support in English and Japanese

We able to support bilingual English and Japanese, we promise seamless support cooperation with foreign-affiliated headquarters.

Develop human resources who can be active worldwide

We provide full support to who has English Language and IT skills.
Welcoming who wants to work at our company, regardless of nationality.

Please be assured that all internal communication is possible in English.

Employment information

New Information

2024.1.12 xZacT Solutions Inc. has been certified as a Cisco Premier Integrator in 
Premier Integrator
2023.6.30 xZacT Solutions Inc. has achieved the
Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialization in JAPAN.      
Environmental Sustainability Specialization
2023.1.11 xZacT Solutions Inc. has been certified as a Cisco Select Integrator in   
Select Integrator
2019.9.01 xZacT Solutions Inc. Website released.
2019.9.01 Employment information released. Click here for details
2019.9.01 Updated Installation Base. Click here for details

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